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If you are experiencing an issue with your Softub then help is at hand. Please contact us to discuss your problem in the first instance by text, email or by phone. We will then recommend that the motor comes into us for investigation. You may either drop the motor to us, send to us via courier (we can arrange this, see below) or we can arrange to collect your motor, subject to distance. Please contact us for the best option for you and view our Softub repair service works by clicking here

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Softub TLC Service advice

Ok so your Softub seems to be running like a dream, or is it? Experience has taught us that sometimes things may not always be as they seem. If your Softub motor unit is 3 years old or more we would highly recommend an annual inspection. This will ensure that any potential problems can be picked up early, saving further problems down the line.

How does our “Softub TLC Service” service work?

Softub part exchange

If you feel you would prefer to part ex-change your old Softub for either a brand new one or one of our “Like New Softub” then please see the below link for our stock list or get in touch today for a Free No obligation quotation.


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Buy a new Softub

We have been selling Softub  hot tubs for over 19 years. They offer an alternative to the traditional hard shell type spa. They plug into a 13 amp socket, they are very portable and extremely energy efficient. Please see below for more reasons to choose a Softub to enhance your life style. View the range now and don’t hesitate to contact us if you require more information.

8 reasons to buy a Softub
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Re-skinning your Softub

If your Softub is looking like it has seen better days then did you know that it is possible to completely re-skin the tub?  We can remove the old liner and completely replace it with a new skin! It will look like brand new (please note if some of your jets have started to protrude out of the wall of the tub then this cannot be rectified during re-skinning. The jets will still look like they are currently). We can also supply new lids and skins for the motor unit. Once done it could look like this tub.

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Re skinning your Softub